Our vision

Padbury Primary School staff and school community will endeavour to ensure that our students develop the understandings, skills, attitudes and values relevant to individual needs, thereby enabling them to fulfil their potential for full participation in and contribution to the development of our society.


At Padbury Primary School we aim to develop a school community which encourages personal, social and environmental responsibilities. The school is committed to providing a supportive environment that challenges students to achieve personal excellence in all endeavours and to be active citizens of the local and global community.


  • To educate and equip children to take their place in society as confident and responsible citizens;
  • To assist and encourage each child to achieve at their optimum level;
  • To cater for individual differences among children; and
  • To train children to take pride in their work and in the work of others and to endeavour to do their best at all times.

Code of Conduct

LEARN: Every child has the right to learn and must respect the rights of others to learn.

RESPECT: Every child will respect and care for all students, adults and property.

BE SAFE: Every child will behave and play safely in the correct areas