Fees and charges

In accordance with the Department of Education Policy, we ask that School Contributions be paid as early as possible in the school year. The money is used to enrich the opportunities available to your child at this school.

The contribution rate has been set by the School Council at $60 per student, with a reduced rate of $40 for the part-time Kindergarten students.

Payment of school contributions within the first two weeks of the new school year will enable the school administrative staff to manage our budget for the year.

Parents who feel that they cannot meet this commitment in full, are asked to contact the Manager of Corporate Services or the Principal so that a mutually agreeable arrangement may be negotiated. All financial transactions between you and the school are bound by rules of confidentiality.

The charges for Excursions and Incursions are a guide to the maximum amount you can expect to pay over the whole year for the extra opportunities which the school organises to enrich the learning program for students. These charges are ratified by the School Council.

Payment for Incursions and Excursions can be made at the time of each individual event.

We accept payments via Direct Debit, Credit Card or EFTPOS at the front office.

A receipt can be issued upon request for School Contributions and charges.

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