2024 Information Booklet

Booklists 2024

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The 2024 Student Items Booklist requirements have been prepared by Campion Education (Australia) Pty Ltd. This is our preferred supplier for 2024 however parents are under no obligation to use Campion Education to purchase the supplies. The booklists are available from the school website today. The booklists will be distributed to students when they arrive from Campion (our supplier). You do not need a printed booklist to order.

Campion Education are based in Malaga. The options for ordering are as follows:

  • order online at using the SCHOOL CODE 97KQ. If you order before the 15th December, you can take advantage of FREE home delivery and GUARANTEED DELIVERY and supply of items prior to school starting. Please follow the instructions on the “How to order your resources” page. Please remember you are ordering for the year level your child will be in 2024.
  • order online after the 15th December however this will incur a late fee ($8). There is also NO GUARANTEE of delivery before the commencement of the school year.
  • visit Campion Education (Malaga or Canning Vale) and use their ‘while you wait’ service (please note long delays can be experienced in the two weeks prior to school starting and there is no guarantee of stock availability)

In addition to the student personal items list, there are sections for Voluntary Contributions, Parents to Supply, Additional Notes and Donations for General Class Use. Please read each section carefully.

Campion Education will also collect voluntary contributions and P&C contributions on behalf of the school.

Prior to ordering, please read through the item list carefully. Some items (such as USB’s and calculators) may be reused from 2023. Please modify and adjust your lists accordingly.

Please remember you are ordering for the year level your child will be in 2024.

School hours and attendance

Normal school hours

School commences 8:55 am

Morning recess 10:55am – 11:15 am

Lunch 12:45 pm – 1:20 pm

School dismissed 3:00 pm

Early Arrivals

Children are discouraged from arriving at school before 8:40 am each morning unless they are scheduled to participate in an organised school activity. Before 8:40 am teachers are busy preparing for the school day and are not able to closely supervise the students. Students that arrive at school before 8:40 am are required to sit quietly in the undercover area.

All children are expected to have left the school grounds by 3:10 pm unless special arrangements have been made by parents or teachers.


Resident In The Local Intake Area

The School Education Act 1999 guarantees a place for every child in the compulsory years of schooling (Pre-primary-Year 6) in their local school. Padbury Primary School is designated as a Local Intake School. The school has places for students in Pre-primary to Year 6 who currently reside within the boundaries of our local intake area as have been determined by the Department of Education. Parents of children not residing within the local intake are invited to complete an Application for enrolment for consideration by the Principal. Eligibility for entry will be dependent upon positions available within the school.

The School Education Act 1999, also encourages parents to have choice of schooling options. We therefore welcome enquiries from families outside the local intake area. Additional information defining our school’s boundaries may be obtained through the school office.

Please click here to view the school boundary map.

Age And Immunisation Confirmation

A birth certificate or extract of birth or passport and a copy of each student’s immunisation records must accompany the Application for Enrolment. Students will be placed in the year of study corresponding to their age group.

Special Needs

Parents of students with special needs are asked to contact the school to discuss these needs when the Application for Enrolment has been approved to ensure that the most appropriate program is in place to meet the child’s needs.

Overseas Students

Students who were born overseas must hold the appropriate visa before applying at the school. For overseas students who are in Australia using an entry visa it is necessary that the office sight the passport and visa of the parent (primary visa holder) and student at the time of Application for enrolment.

Eligibility For Enrolment – Kindergarten And Pre-Primary

Applications for Enrolment in Kindergarten and Pre-primary according to the following criteria:

  1. Children living in the intake area of the school and who will have a sibling enrolled at the school
  2. Children who live in the intake area of the school but will not have a sibling at the school
  3. Children who live outside the intake area of the school and who will have a sibling at the school
  4. Children who live outside the intake area of the school and do not have a sibling at the school.

Note: If there is more than one child in any of the above categories, priority will be given to children living closest to the school, measured in a straight line from place of residence to the school.

Health / Medical

Student Medical Information

It is essential for your child’s protection and ours, that we are fully aware of necessary treatment and medication requirements. Please ensure that all medical information is current and up to date on admission cards. Where medical conditions or allergic reactions exist, we ask that parents complete Health Care forms available on our website under ‘FORMS’ or from the school office as soon as possible.

Parents have a responsibility to inform school staff if:

  • A student is carrying medication to school, what form the medication takes e.g. Tablet, mixture, inhaler, and for what reason.
  • Any student who has a medical condition which may require staff to take emergency action.
  • Any medication which may require school staff assistance.
  • There is a need for safe storage. Is the student carrying medication which may be a danger to other students?

All medication brought to school must be clearly labelled with the student’s name, drug’s name and strength. Where prescribed medication is necessary, instructions from prescribing doctor are required. If the student has medication to be administered at school, parents must contact an administrator accordingly and complete relevant documentation.

School Nurse

A trained nursing sister visits the school periodically to carry out screening of Kindergarten and Pre-primary students, routine medical checks of referred students.


You can now order lunches 3 days a week – Monday, Thursday and Friday.

LUNCH ORDERS ONLY can be ordered from Duncraig Senior High School who will deliver to Padbury Students. There are a great range of healthy lunch items to choose from, but please remember you will still need to send recess to school with your child.

To order your lunches, please go to and register an account.

Steps to ordering:

  1. Once you have registered your account, Select ADD A STUDENT
  2. Search for PADBURY PRIMARY SCHOOL and select option 3 – Padbury PS
  3. Select ADD CHILD and follow prompts for each child
  4. Select ONLINE ORDERING to begin an order


It is government policy that your child in Year 1-6 wears the full school uniform. This is supported by the P&C Association and School Council of Padbury Primary School (optional for Kindergarten children). Our aim is to have all children take pride in their school and personal appearance. We ask for your co-operation in seeing that your child/children come to school clean, neat and tidy, wearing school uniform.


Polo shirts
Girls skorts
Girls bootleg pants
Zip up jackets


Polo shirts
Cargo shorts
Cargo pants
Zip up jackets

Purchase Of Uniforms

Padbury Primary School Uniforms can be purchased from Tudor Uniforms.

Unit 1/75 Excellence Ave


Phone: 9408 2666

Click Here for the Tudor Uniforms Price List for 2024

Sports Uniforms

To represent Padbury Primary in interschool competition, students need to wear full school uniform Jade/Navy polo and shorts/skorts.